By making the most of the locations and available Pals, you can quickly collect an incredible amount of minerals.

"Palworld" has literally shocked the gaming landscape of these first weeks of the year. Announced as a title of no particular importance, in the first days after the release of the trailer it was called in a not very eloquent way “the Pokémon with weapons”, given the similarity of the little monsters protagonists with those of the most famous Nintendo saga.

Collecting minerals is one of the most challenging activities in "Palworld" (Photo YouTube GameSpot) – Sjbeez

In just a few days, however, "Palworld" has proven to have much more to say than a simple "copy title" and has captured the interest of millions of players who now spend hours and hours discovering every detail of this fascinating world .

One of the activities that most engage “Palworld” players is the search for precious minerals. Many users immediately flocked to the web to try to discover ways and techniques to maximize their collection and get rich quickly in the game. In this guide we will try to summarize the secrets to quickly find and collect lots of minerals.

The Road to Riches in "Palworld"

The first step to becoming a mineral tycoon in Palworld is finding the ideal locations. Choosing the right location can make the difference between a mediocre collection and an incredibly rich one. Among the best recommended locations is the Plateau (157, -395) located southwest of the fort ruins area. This area offers 8 ore deposits on flat terrain and is certainly an ideal place to lay the foundations of an ore farm, especially at the beginning of the game.

In "Palworld", the key to success lies in efficiency and strategic planning (Photo YouTube Boomstick Gaming) – Sjbeez

Other great locations for gathering ore are the Flat Land Masses (10, -522), a location southwest of the small settlement and close to a village with helpful NPCs, and the Mountaintop (190, -40) . This hidden place is instead ideal for the advanced phase of the game. Here you will find coal deposits, perfect for creating refined ingots.

Once the best locations have been found, it is important to recruit the right Pals for the mining job, essential for automating the mining process and maximizing efficiency. Among the best mining Pals you should consider are the "Bad", a versatile Pal found in the beginner areas, ideal for the first levels of the game. Then there is "Tombat", "Penking", a multifunctional Pal, perfect for managing various activities in an ore base, "Digtoise", specialized in mining with a high level of expertise and above all "Reptyro" a robust and ideal Pal for mining in advanced areas.

Finally, to optimize your mineral production, it is important to consider some key aspects when building your base. Strategic placement is the first thing to think about: build your base near ore deposits to reduce transportation times. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that your base is well defended from raiders, especially in high-risk areas.