Instagram is increasingly an asset for a company. How to obtain valid results: everything starts from the profile you choose. The guide.

More than social media. Nothing but pastime, entertainment, Stories, Shorts and any other devilry. Instagram is increasingly a place to promote your company, a real asset for any property that can be monetized and therefore used to pay debts.

Instagram, other than social media: here you do business – Sjbeez

Some numbers to clarify the transformation of Gen Z’s favorite social network. Over 200 million business accounts that people visit every day, the possibility of having real-time data to understand how and what works for your audience. More than 70% of shoppers research their next purchase on social media. Naturally, more and more companies use IG to promote their company or professional activity. Naturally, you need to focus on the type of Instagram profile to obtain valid results.

Instagram one and three: a profile to choose according to your needs. Discover shopping and bots

The starting point is the configuration of an Instagram business account, via a very simple path: access your profile and tap at the top right, Settings and privacy, then type of account and tools and Switch to a professional account; choose the category that best describes your company, then select Company. That’s it: you have your Instagram Business account.

Instagram, three types of accounts – Sjbeez

The business account is one of the three types that can be created on Instagram, together with the traditional one which rhymes with personal, and the creator, the latter in hype thanks to influencers or presumed such. Who intend to use the meta platform to communicate with their community and to manage their respective collaborations. This is where sponsored partnership content is born.

Unlike private profiles, Creator accounts have access to post data and insights. The Business account has its own rules, however, a different type of account, which allows owners to access infinite free tools, thanks to which visibility is achieved first and foremost, and then business opportunities. With this type of account you can publish the now well-known sponsored posts which allow you to gain a greater number of audiences and, why not, likes and followers, but also provide useful information for users.

The reference portal, address and any contact to let us know. Additionally, the business account can access specific insights and data on sponsored posts and content. Last but not least, a double functionality that you absolutely must know. The one called Shopping, where you can carry out the direct sale of products, with attached tags, photos, videos and so on. Or the increasingly used possibility of obtaining a bot for automatic responses and interaction (even 24/7) with potential users. Which rhyme with customers.