By activating this option immediately, you will be able to find your stolen iPhone in a few seconds. So it’s child’s play.

For several years now, Apple has integrated some important features into its latest generation iPhones that must be activated immediately in order to best preserve the iPhone in the event of theft. And we’re not just talking about data that can be stolen online, but also about what can happen every day with a thief as the protagonist.

Here’s how to find your stolen iPhone immediately

There are some basic steps that you should know right away in case you no longer want to take any risks. By trying it immediately and knowing which options to activate, you will be sure of never having to deal with losing your iPhone again. You will always have everything at hand, with precise and punctual geolocation that is right for you.

How to find your stolen iPhone: you must activate this option

If your iPhone has been stolen and you don’t know how to find it again, then this guide is for you. There is one option in particular made up of three simple tricks that will give you the opportunity to always track your iPhone. Without giving the thief the opportunity to set the offline mode and therefore no longer giving you any way of knowing where the phone is located.

The option to find your stolen iPhone in an instant. There is no escape for thieves

The first thing to do is open the Settings app and then scroll down to Face ID & Passcode. Here you will have to go to Control Center and deactivate the option using the convenient tick on the side. So that the thief will not be able to access it and activate airplane mode to be completely offline. Another fundamental aspect involves opening the Privacy and security section, again from the settings, and then activating localization. So you can use the Where’s My iPhone app to find it right away.

Finally, go back to the main Settings page and look for the Share my location item. After opening it, scroll to Find My iPhone. You will be shown some options, make sure you have them all active to ensure that the thief will no longer be able to proceed in any way with turning off your phone. You will have the certainty of being able to track it down at any time, without taking any more risks. This is a very simple option to activate but in some cases it could save your life.