Are you afraid of being hit by viruses or scams? Here’s how to download material online in complete safety, so you will always be more relaxed.

One of the biggest risks when surfing the net is downloading suspicious files. Which in certain cases, could contain within them dangerous malware and viruses that are potentially lethal for the devices we are using and for our personal data. You need to be very careful about several factors, starting from the source and therefore the site from which you start downloading something.

How to download files and contents online in the safest possible way

In fact, many times, hackers and cybercriminals create clone portals of the official ones which contain dangerous files to download and which trigger scams that it is always best to stay away from. But how do you download material online with peace of mind? Here is a quick guide that will be very useful to you, so you will always know if you are doing the right thing or if you risk disastrous consequences.

Download material online without viruses and scams: here’s how to do it

Thanks to this sort of handbook, you will always be sure that you can download safe online material that does not hide viruses or potential scams. There are some precautions to take into account, small steps that are easy to carry out but fundamental to avoid possible consequences that jeopardize your online security.

The guide to downloading material online without scams and viruses

First, always avoid ads that appear in search engines. If you read Sponsored or Ad at the top of the results list, they are all links from companies that paid to be there. The negative aspect, however, is that the various Google and Bing do not always filter and validate the links in the right way. And this is where viruses and malware come into play.

Another fundamental action if you need a program or app is to always do a quick check on the official App Stores. Or alternatively access the official websites of the software companies. Therefore, avoiding third-party portals that offer you free downloads.

To be even safer, there is a convenient tool that gives you the opportunity to scan all downloads and find out if there are any suspicious elements. That is, VirusTotal, able to provide you with information in a few moments and raise alarm bells in case there are potential dangerous viruses to avoid. An extra option to add to the advice we have already provided, to be 100% sure you are doing the right thing.