The first rumors are appearing regarding the new iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max: they will be bigger! Here is the comparison with its predecessors.

Let’s get ready for a long series of news with the new iPhone 16. According to what has emerged, Apple has already thought about some important changes that will come into force next year with the new generation of iPhones, which could present additions for all four models that will make up the series.

Here’s how much bigger the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max screens will be

Among other things, there is talk of some historical changes regarding the dimensions. Unlike what has happened in recent times, with the screen having remained the same from the iPhone 12 to today, it seems that the iPhone 16 will bring with it the first real change regarding the size of the display. And there are multiple sources to confirm this, symbolizing the fact that the change in strategy seems ready to become reality.

Larger iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max screens: here’s what we know

If everything is confirmed, the screens of the new iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max will be larger than ever. In fact, there are several sources who state that Apple has already made the official decision to make a change compared to what has been seen in recent years, with a completely new strategy that will focus entirely on revised designs ready to give a breath of fresh air fresh on iPhones.

The main news arriving on iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max

In particular, those affected will be the 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max models, which will measure 6.3 and 6.9 inches respectively. And obviously by increasing the size of the screens, the body of the smartphone will also necessarily have to grow. If everything is confirmed, we expect iPhones to be slightly taller and wider than their predecessors.

And having a larger case, there may be more space inside for components too. For example with longer-lasting batteries, or at least this is the hope of consumers. Returning to screens, Apple would be evaluating the use of the new micro-lens technology to be able to maintain stable or even increase the brightness of the iPhone 16’s OLEDs. At the same time reducing energy consumption.

To date these are simple rumors, but considering that there is less and less left for the official presentation and the market launch, Apple’s engineers will have to get moving in order to then start with production through partner companies. We will certainly talk about it again in the coming weeks, with a final choice that must be made quickly to start the assembly process.