You have headphones on and one earbud always abandons you and runs out of battery before the other. Yet you bring them together. But there’s a reason why it happens.

Among the new digital objects that are widely used and appreciated are wireless headphones. And there are two large families of wireless headphones. On the one hand there are the large and bulky ones that resemble DJ headphones.

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On the other hand there are the wireless earphones, small and with their mini charger case. This second category of headphones has the convenience of actually being made up of very small objects that can be worn without others noticing.

But, and Reddit is full of them, the stories of those users who suddenly found themselves with one ear mute because one earphone ran out of battery before the other are multiplying. It seems crazy but there is an official explanation why this happens.

Why does one earbud run out of battery before the other?

We live in an era where you can also find answers to your questions in forums by asking other users for assistance. But sometimes what we find doesn’t bring much benefit, other than knowing that we are not the only ones with a specific problem. Among the problems of modernity are those that now concern wireless earphones.

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Several users complain that even if they are used at the same time, the earphones sometimes do not discharge at the same rate. Sony’s FAQ tries to give a partially objective answer. The explanation given by the company is rather brief but it can help you better understand what happens when you wear your wireless earphones.

In fact, Sony explains that “the rate of battery consumption” of the earphones is “slightly different depending on the settings of each function and the conditions of use”. And this is "normal behavior". In fact, if you think about the way you use earphones, you can realize how one is subjected to different stresses compared to the other.

Only one of the two earphones, for example, usually handles phone calls and this function already takes up battery power. If you have set the audio playback in a personalized way, it is possible that the strain to which the earphones which must provide you with three-dimensional audio are subjected is not balanced and this also affects the duration of the charge.

The explanation that Sony gives can also be applied to all other brands, after all the technology with which they work is the same for all, and the advice provided by Sony can in turn also be used to minimize the hassle with devices from other brands .

The company recommends always keeping the earbuds in the charging case for as long as possible when not in use. In this regard, also remember to keep the lid closed because when it is opened the earphones prepare to receive the signal from the smartphone and therefore consume battery.