The new HONOR X7B and X8B are ready for the Italian market and we can now evaluate their specifications very closely: are they what you were looking for?

For some time now, in addition to Apple and Samsung, other players have been active in the mobile device sector and among these there is obviously HONOR which is ready with its new X7b and X8b products. Mid-range device with tantalizing specifications and a decidedly attractive price.

All the specs of HONOR X7B, a dream mobile phone (HONOR photo) –

It was already known about the new products in the X line that they would be objects to take into consideration. The first information that had in fact been disseminated concerned the camera. The new 2 megapixels.

And this was already enough to put it on the wish list of many users. Next to the camera, what started to make my eyes pop was the battery. 6000 milliamps of power for use that can reach up to 69 consecutive hours of music streaming. In addition to these features we now know everything, including about the adventure companion: HONOR X8b.

Everything you want to know about Honor X7b and X8b

We have already talked about the camera of the new X7b could tip the scales heavily.

From HONOR X7 to X7B, how has this mid range changed? (HONOR photo) – Sjbeez

In fact, we have a 6.8 inch screen with a refresh rate capable of reaching 90 Hertz. Under the body there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 68o with Octa Core CPU and Adreno 610 GPU. The RAM is 6 GB with 128 GB of internal memory available and the smartphone is also TUV certified, which means it has low blue light emissions . The price on the official HONOR website is 229.90.

For those looking for something superior, the new HONOR The RAM memory increases to 8 GB and the internal memory to 256 GB. An interesting difference is the size of the screen which in the X8b model is 6.7 inches but with the added brightness that can reach 2000 nits.

To complete the examination of the characteristics of these two new devices, the colors should be noted. The new X7b is sold in an opalescent color called Flowing Silver, a blue green color Emerald Green and then a classic Midnight Black. As regards the HONOR X8b, the Midnight Black and Glamours Green colors are currently available. In particular, in addition to the shape of the rear cameras which closely resemble the new iPhones, it is also worth mentioning the designer design on the back.