The number of home burglaries has increased, Italians are all terrified. Here is a method to defend your home.

Compared to previous years, thefts in the homes of us Italians have grown exponentially. This sudden increase is due to technological advancement which has brought devices capable of helping them in their businesses into the hands of thieves and malicious people.

Burglaries in homes – Sjbeez

Being able to defend yourself and secure your home has become a difficult task. Every year home intrusions bring criminal organizations millions of euros, so devising a system to defend themselves is a choice that if we all implement can lead to a solution.

Prevent a theft in your home

Home burglary is defined by a study as the most common fear in Italy and in 2023 9 million Italians, almost 20% of the population, suffered one. If we compare the data with those corresponding to the Covid period, the situation has improved a lot. Since 2022, however, the growth of this problem has increased again, and we could soon return to the previous situation.

However, although technology comes to help thieves, it can also help to fight them. Today on the market we can in fact find very effective security systems such as cameras that hide in the most unexpected places and many other useful products. There are many companies that deal with the production and development of these devices but CPVAN is among the leaders in the sector with thousands of customers across Europe and has invested money and resources for more than 10 years to perfect the efficiency of its products. In particular, an object that stands out, in terms of function and price, compared to the others is the automatic motion sensor equipped with an alarm.

CPVAN motion sensor – Sjbeez

The product is small in size, little larger than a light bulb and can be placed on a piece of furniture or attached to a wall. Its range of action reaches up to 8 metres, being also infrared whether it is dark or day it will not change its efficiency. The alarm is emitted by a siren that has 125 dB with a range of up to 100 meters, allowing you to discourage intruders or warn you in time. The autonomy can be wireless or wired, and it will also warn us in the event of almost empty batteries, never letting us find ourselves unprepared.

The management and activation of the commands will be completely manageable from the device or from a remote control capable of controlling and regulating even more than one sensor. Once activated it is best to make sure that no one passes in front of the product otherwise the alarm would sound instantly. With this you will be able to avoid being fooled by thieves even in the event of a power outage, always taking care to check the wear of the batteries.