The arcane mystery on WhatsApp has been revealed: this is what the very small icon that appears to all users is used for. The function you don’t expect.

News coming and going. And a continuous discovery of tricks and features that we have had for a long time (after updating) that we didn’t even know existed. This is the strength of WhatsApp, which goes far beyond its ability to imitate many Telegram features, in its image and likeness.

WhatsApp and its infinite mysterious features – Sjbeez

The latest innovation from the world’s number one instant messaging application is a feature, under development, to share musical audio during a video call, currently in beta testing. What is it about?

Simply put, when someone in the call shares their screen, the audio playing on their device will also be shared with the other people in the call. A feature not only valid for group calls, but also for individual ones.

WhatsApp function, here’s what users should do when they come across the “blue clock”

The shared audio function in video calls will be implemented in the coming weeks and adds to the many new features released by WhatsApp in the last year. We certainly missed some of them given how many there are. An example?

WhatsApp, the blue clock function revealed – Sjbeez

The green circle, which has always been one of the most enigmatic icons: it is indeed a kind of statistical data relating to the unread messages you have in each chat, it is a direct mention or a reply that you have not yet read. But that of the blue clock was certainly the most mysterious. Not anymore, the arcane mystery has finally been revealed. What is it about? Occasionally a small blue clock appears next to a sent message in chats.

Many were wondering what it was. It is a sort of intermediate level between the gray check that warns us that the message we have written and sent has arrived at its destination but has not yet been read, and the double gray check. In this period of time, that icon with the blue clock is inserted. If the clock disappears quickly, everything is fine.

Conversely, it means that there were some problems in sending: lack of connection, but also a malfunction of WhatsApp. The tip is easy to explain: in these cases you see how long that clock will remain for, if it is a few seconds, restart the app. Or turn your cell phone off and on again. As a last resort, update WhatsApp, if everything returns to normal, that icon with the clock will disappear. Magic of WhatsApp.