Do you watch a lot of YouTube every day? Then the computer designed for you is about to arrive, it has a function never seen before.

We are facing one of the richest periods of innovation ever in the tech sector. With CES 2024 in Las Vegas underway these days, the most important companies globally are planning launches and presentations of some of the new productions for every type of business.

This PC is perfect if you like YouTube

And the IT sector also seems to be no exception, with several PCs already having been presented and many others that will see the light in the coming weeks. Today we are talking to you in particular about a computer model that was designed especially for those who are obsessed with YouTube and use it every day. It has a feature never seen before that could be right for you, that’s what it is.

The computer for those who watch YouTube: the crazy and new function

If you usually watch YouTube on your computer, then there’s a new model that might be right for you. Presented by Acer these days during CES 2024 in Las Vegas, it was able to immediately attract consumer interest for one feature in particular that promises to be crazy.

The new Acer PC has trackpad controls ideal for consuming video products – photos via Acer

We are talking about Acer’s Swift Go 14 which, among other things, will boast an intelligent touchpad. With media controls on top, so you have a hub for play, pause, rewind and fast forward buttons. And that’s not all, because the Swift Go 14 will be able to automatically detect if there are multimedia contents playing on the display.

So that they will be illuminated by LEDs and can be used comfortably by users to have an intelligent shortcut. Not only for YouTube, but also for other services such as Spotify and Twitch. This is certainly a very interesting feature and will give consumers the opportunity to no longer have to deal with inconvenient steps to change videos, send them forwards, backwards or so on.

Thanks to this image superimposed on the touchpad, everything will be increasingly simple and intuitive. As officially announced during the event, this new Swift Go 14 from Acer will be available starting from March, at a starting price of $749.99. With all the peculiarities of the case, it could be among the most popular and best-performing PCs of the year.