Google’s turning point: with the new update comes the huge step forward on passwords. An even better experience.

In these times where vulnerabilities are discovered on all devices every year, where hacker attacks always surpass the data (and damage) of the previous year in terms of quality and quantity, you can never be safe. A thousand eyes, “appreciated” ears and maximum concentration are always needed for each operation.

Google, a tool that improves the experience on Chrome and Android is coming – Sjbeez

For everything else there is Google. The Mountain View giant is busy with the final development of an update that can further improve a user’s browsing experience on Chrome, the most used browser in the world. Safer browsing thanks to the introduction of security features on Chrome, such as security control and HTTPS-First mode. Not only that: an update that locks, who knows if permanently, all passwords.

Google and Safety Check: browsing protection on Chrome, armored passwords. And not only

Google’s security suite, already tested in its embryonic form on the Pixel series, is about to be expanded on Chrome, thanks to Safety Check, a tool that aims to ensure that your friends and family can reach you if something goes wrong. As? It basically collects all your browser settings and security controls in one place.

Google, we’re almost there: Safety Check is coming – Sjbeez

Google’s enormous step forward lies in the fact that through this tool it is first possible to know if Chrome is updated to the latest version, thanks to which it is possible to activate “Safe Browsing”, a mode that serves to protect browsing on the Google browser. Thanks to Safety Check we can check if our passwords have been violated, but also if extensions have been installed and later withdrawn as dangerous.

Chrome://settings/safetyCheck: a very simple path in the Chrome settings: here you can click on the Safety Check button, which is used to start the tool. Four new features with the latest updates. You can check for Google Chrome updates but also if any of your stored passwords have been compromised. Or if browsing is safe, vice versa here is a link to change these settings, last but not least checking for harmful extensions.

The latest Safety Check news is that Google, after releasing it for the desktop version of Chrome, is now about to be expanded to Android too. From Mountain View they have not yet made the release date official on the stable version of Chrome, but it shouldn’t be much longer since the tool is arriving on “Canary”.