Google Stadia is no longer there but the company has decided to give another gift to subscribers who had placed their trust in streaming games.

Before game streaming subscription services exploded, Google with Stadia had attempted to create its own service but perhaps a bit of impatience and some mistakes along the way led the company to discontinue the service at the beginning of last year .

Google Stadia closed a year ago but the project is not dead (photo Google) – Sjbeez

Now, however, the same company has decided to give users who in turn had trusted the service a gift which is a surprise and which also allows us to talk again about this unfortunate forerunner of services such as Game Pass. If you also wanted to try Google’s subscription service, you now have an accessory that perhaps you think you paid too much for but which can actually be very useful to you. In fact, Google’s announcement concerns news about the Google Stadia controllers which worked through the wi-fi connection and which were the only physical object that had to be purchased in order to play.

Google and the surprise of Stadia users

When Google decided to abandon the Stadia project, the reasons came to light later and showed how unsustainable the streaming games model was for the big G. The number of players was so low that in the end it was decided to dismantle everything. After all, the Stadia project was a project that was part of a reality in which there was also something else cooking. Not being able to be satisfactory in performance forced me to make the decision which then turned into the sudden closure.

You can still use your Google Stadia controller (Google photo) – Sjbeez

A closure that left consequences, given that many had spent real money to buy the controllers with which it was possible to play. Controllers that have now come back to life in a sense. Google had in fact given everyone 12 months to carry out the procedure with which to transform the wi-fi controller into a Bluetooth controller that they could use as they pleased. Now the time window for carrying out the connection change procedure has been extended by another 12 months.

This means you have until December 2024 to save your device. It’s worth remembering that this is a procedure that disables the wi-fi connection permanently but given that the service the controller was designed for no longer exists it’s not a big loss.

The procedure must be carried out through an update that Google makes available through a specific page and on the same page the list of operating systems for which the new old controller works is available. It is possible to use, although in some cases the vibration system may not respond, Android, with ChromeOS with MacOS 13 on Steam and with Windows 10 and 11 on Steam.

In addition to activating the Bluetooth connection mode, it is still possible to use the controller via a USB cable. And speaking of cables, in Bluetooth mode you can’t use the headphone input to listen to game sounds while it works if you connect through the USB cable.