Navigate in 3D with Google Maps? Now it’s possible: find out how to activate the new function that allows you to see three-dimensional maps.

The decision came from Google Maps to offer its users a new possibility: a function that allows them to navigate by viewing three-dimensional maps.

Google Maps allows you to navigate in 3D – Sjbeez

To tell the truth, this is a partial novelty, given that for over three years the very popular navigation app has allowed you to see three-dimensional maps. The novelty compared to the past consists in the fact that previously the 3D visualization only applied to the static view, not to navigation.

Now for some time – we don’t know exactly when, given that Google has not issued any communications in this regard – Google Maps users have begun to notice that 3D visualization has also made its way into real-time road directions.

Google Maps, how to activate navigation in 3D mode

The first to notice the new feature were Android Auto users a few weeks ago. Now it seems that even when browsing on a phone it is possible to access 3D mapping, with a much wider diffusion.

Inside the red circle there is the icon to select to activate the 3D navigation mode on Google Maps – Sjbeez

To see Google Maps in 3D all you have to do is start the application on your Android device (currently on iOS the three-dimensional display of road maps seems not to have been implemented yet). Then we will have to click on the icon with the overlapping sheets at the top right, which allows the choice between the different map views and the type.

At this point a small window will open from below: just touch the 3D box to highlight it with the blue outline. Then click on the “x” at the top right to close the tab. Now we will have to set the itinerary. We will necessarily have to set the car as a means of transport, given that the 3D functionality does not work with other means. We can do this by selecting the symbol relating to the car in the horizontal scrolling line positioned at the top.

Now we start navigation and to view the map in 3D we increase the zoom in the usual way, widening the map with two fingers. We then vary the angle so as not to see it from above, again with two fingers, sliding them vertically on the screen. Now we will be able to see the buildings lining the road: a view however which, together with a new sense of depth, may also produce a certain confusion.