The Google Maps service has launched something new that could represent a danger: pay close attention to this element.

Until recently, Google Maps did not integrate a function already present in several messaging applications. In recent weeks the development team has been working on this option which has been implemented, even though it can represent a serious danger for users.

Google Maps has introduced a dangerous innovation – ()

Google’s Maps service is widely used both in your own city and when you travel. Using this platform allows you to move freely even if you don’t know the area you are in well. From now on Maps takes advantage of a new possibility that allows you to share your position in real time.

Location sharing is certainly nothing new, as previously highlighted, but on Maps it can represent a real risk. Let’s briefly see how the latest innovation introduced by the Mountain View company works and why its use induces maximum attention.

Google Maps introduces location sharing: maximum attention when using it

Google recently rolled out location sharing support in Maps. From now on, users who use the service will not have to rely on third-party apps to quickly share their location. The latest version on both iOS and Android allows users access to this important feature with their chosen contacts for a specific amount of time.

The danger of sharing your location on Maps – ()

If on the one hand this innovation allows for simpler and quicker use of the app, on the other hand there is a danger that should not be underestimated. Sharing your location generates a link to send, a step that seems trivial but isn’t at all. In fact, with that link anyone will be able to follow the person, because they will be unaware of who actually clicks on the generated link.

When it comes to sharing with other contacts, caution is always advised, even more so if we are talking about the exact position we are in. Therefore, it is appropriate to use this function but you must be careful who you then send the link to, because situations that are not at all pleasant could arise.

It is fair to underline that if you opt to share with a contact using the Google ID, the position will be visible only and exclusively to that person, unlike sharing through the link. Furthermore, the user always has the right to stop sharing even before the previously established time interval.