Google Maps has a very useful but little-known feature that can literally save the lives of those on the street. How is it activated?

When it comes to apps we are all always looking for the new features that development teams add every time there is an update.

Do you know how to use Google Maps? Maybe you’ve never seen this feature! – Sjbeez

But many times what you expect to see in the updates is already present and works very well in the current versions. The demonstration is a function found within Google Maps and which perhaps you have never used but which could save the lives of other motorists or yours, if someone used it for you.

What is possible to do with the Google travel app is in fact much more than we think. Because it is not enough to calculate the fastest or most environmentally friendly route. And sometimes to get more you just need to think like a community.

Google Maps doesn’t just avoid traffic

If you have ever used the navigator on your Android smartphone, you will have noticed that you can choose different parameters for the route. For example, you can set the type of car you own and the route is organized to make the most of the fuel.

Google Maps helps you travel truly safely – Sjbeez

The environmentally friendly routes are those identified by the green leaf. Once you have set up your vehicle and the route you need to take, however, you may notice that, along the road, the long blue stripe that takes you to your destination in some places becomes orange or even red. These are points where the central Google Maps system records slowdowns and therefore signals that traffic problems are possible.

Based on this additional information you can decide to change your route by perhaps doing a few more kilometers but without wasting time. The way Google Maps shows congested traffic is quite simple: if users who have the tracking system active slow down, something is wrong. But alongside automatic reporting there are other things you can do to help others who are on the same path as you.

For example, if you realize that an accident has just occurred in front of you and that the motorists coming after you are therefore at risk, what you can do is tell Google that there has been an accident where you are standing passing. To do this you don’t even need to touch the mobile screen.

All you have to do is summon Google Assistant by calling it by name and alert it that there is an accident, a queue, a roadwork in progress with a lane change or some bulky object on the road. If someone is traveling with you, life-saving and trip-saving reports are available by tapping the plus icon located at the bottom right and which allows you to add a various type of report, including any mobile speed cameras.