You can make the search carried out on Google even faster and more instantaneous: activate this function and revolutionize your user experience.

Using the internet is one of the main actions in everyday life. For any doubt or need, turning to Google is practically an obligatory step. It is no coincidence that the number of searches every day by users worldwide is always very high.

A Google function makes searches very quick – ()

Google searches are nothing new but they may not always be fast. Seeing a search engine that is slow to provide its response can be problematic but thanks to a function everything will be decidedly different. Activating this option will allow you to receive very quick responses and make your browser and the Google page work better.

The feature that is the protagonist of the greatest push for Google is really very simple to activate. In just a few steps you will have a search engine available that will provide even quicker and quicker answers. Let’s dive into the details to discover an option that will make every user’s experience much better.

How to make Google fast: the function to activate

Google search is certainly one of the first alternatives that a person considers for a doubt or particular need. Due to some settings your experience may be too slow, thus providing searches after a few moments too long. An annoying situation but one that can be resolved with a function present in Google Chrome.

How to activate the Google Chrome function that improves searches – ()

To get to the main function you must first open the Google browser by heading towards the three dots located at the top right, near the photo of your account. After clicking on the three dots, a small window will open in which you can click on the “Other tools” section and immediately after on “Performance”.

Within the “Performance” section it will be essential to pay attention to the “Memory” category by activating the “Save memory” function. Enabling this option will free up memory from inactive tabs, so you can have more space in Chrome.

As we have seen, the function that allows Google to be even faster and more receptive is very simple to activate. In short, very little is needed to have very quick searches capable of providing serious help in any context. Precisely for this reason, activating this function is fundamental for your experience.