Google Pixel 9 is preparing to be the smartphone of dreams according to the big G and rumors follow one another. What will the new smartphone be like?

Although we still have to get used to seeing the Google Pixel 8 around, it is clear that the big G company is already thinking about the next chapter of its love story with users and about the Google Pixel 9, apparently, we can start talking even if we won’t see anything official for some time yet.

Google Pixel 8 has already passed, we are talking about the new model – Sjbeez

Before we all fall in love with what could be the new functions of the mobile phone produced by the big G, it is worth remembering that we are still waiting for the lite version of the Pixel 8. It is very likely that the new flagship will not arrive before the 8A model. But that doesn’t stop the rumor machine.

And the rumors also talk about what the price of the new model could be, along with the quantity of different iterations and variations that should arrive on the market. It is clear, however, that the most interesting aspects are those that concern the screen and the general design of the smartphone. And precisely on the design there are those who say that Google has given more than a peek at the iPhone.

Everything we know about the future Google Pixel 9

As mentioned, let’s start with the design. According to a rendering put together on the profile of the social network that we once called OnLeaks Twitter, the first thing that catches the eye is that the screen will be 6.5 inches in the Pro version. It might seem like a downgrade compared to the previous version and also compared to the one it’s the usual activity of designers who are asked to reinvent the phone every time, but there are those who point out that the Google Pixel 8 is also smaller than previous models.

Google Pixel 9 peeks out (photo Youtube/MySmarTPrice) – Sjbeez

The company has therefore probably found its ideal fit. An interesting element is the position of the rear camera lenses. Compared to previous models, here too there is a slight change with a sort of rounded porthole that does not touch the edges of the body and actually gives the back of the phone the appearance of one of the Among Us characters.

For those who appreciate numbers, there is still little to know about cameras apart from the fact that there will be a telephoto sensor distinct from the classic wide-angle one and the famous periscope lens will also make its entry. The design of the body, totally smooth, will then see the power and volume buttons all on the same side with the speaker grill, the USB input and the space for the SIM in the lower part of the body.

If the interesting details have made your mouth water, know that it should arrive in the second half of 2024 with a price that could be around 900 euros.