Google experiments with AI and is ready to bring it to Chrome: here are the updates that will help users.

In recent times, more and more people are using AI in their daily lives. Now working with these tools has become the norm and everyone is passionate about them. In fact, thanks to AI it is possible to carry out various tasks in a simple, precise and fast way.

Google Chrome, the new changes that exploit AI ()

Now Google also has serious intentions to make AI tools that can facilitate web searches accessible to everyone. As? By integrating these tools into the most popular browser in the world, namely Google Chrome. Here are the new features that will arrive in the near future.

Google Chrome, here are the tools that take advantage of the upcoming AI

Google Chrome is a browser that is now universally recognized as the most famous in the world. Practically everyone uses it even if this program sometimes creates problems with the devices’ RAM memory.

Google Chrome, here’s what the browser is about to introduce ()

In any case, Google is always working to improve browser performance and allow users to enjoy a productive and effective experience. This is why Google has thought carefully about introducing three extraordinary functions to Chrome that exploit artificial intelligence.

The first will be integrated with the tab organizer and will allow you to create groups of web tabs. In this way, navigation becomes easier and can proceed in an orderly and schematic manner. Obviously, the AI ​​will make suggestions on how to organize the different tabs and avoid chaos on the browser.

The second new feature will be AI-generated themes that can be installed on the PC. This way, it will be even easier to customize Chrome and make it the ideal browser for your needs. In reality, this innovation had already been introduced on Google Pixel 8 but will now be extended to all devices that use the browser. The themes can also be customized based on the mood of the day, suggested by the AI.

The latest news, the most interesting one for some, concerns the possibility of exploiting an artificial intelligence tool that helps users generate correct and high-quality texts. In short, Google wants to implement a sort of virtual assistant on Chrome that will be able to help users write content on forums and reviews online.

Activating it will be very simple, since all you need to do is tick the “Help me write a text” item to take advantage of this functionality. In short, Google is preparing to revolutionize Chrome and these innovations will certainly make browsing the web simpler and more pleasant.