2024 will be remembered as the year in which the traditional keyboard experienced its first real revolution.

In an age where every tool is subject to changes due to technological progress, there are devices that work so well that they never seem to change. One of these is the QWERTY keyboard, which owes its name to the layout of the keys, which has remained unchanged for over a century and a half. In the coming months, however, this great certainty could disappear for the first time.

The shape of keyboards will change for the first time in 30 years – Sjbeez

Recently, however, a giant in the IT sector made an announcement that could mark the beginning of a new era in keyboard production. The news could come thanks to Microsoft, which seems to have big plans for the keyboards of its next Windows PCs. And the news seems linked to one of the activities in which the company has been investing the most in recent years.

Microsoft is preparing to change the future of keyboards

After thirty years of relative stability, Microsoft has announced a revolutionary innovation for Windows PC keyboards: the introduction of the AI ​​Copilot key. This change represents the first significant change to the Windows PC keyboard in nearly thirty years. Yusef Mehdi, Executive Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, highlighted how this innovation is part of a broader strategy aimed at ushering in an era of more personal and smart computing, driven by AI experiences.

Windows will introduce a very particular key on the keyboards of its PCs (Photo YouTube Windows) – Sjbeez

The new Copilot AI button, which will be included in all new Windows devices starting next month, marks the beginning of the year of "PC AI," according to company statements. This bold move by Microsoft not only adds new hardware functionality to PCs, but also signals a significant change in how users will interact with their computers.

The first models equipped with this button will be announced at CES 2024 and the curiosity of all users is focused on future models of the Surface line, such as the Surface Pro 10 and the Surface Laptop 6. These devices will be equipped with new Intel and Arm chips generation and will feature a refreshed design for the Surface Laptop line.

The placement of the Copilot AI key will likely be on the right side of the keyboard, replacing the traditional menu key. Its main function will be to facilitate access to the Windows Copilot interface, a feature that began showing up in the 23H2 version of Windows 11. For users who don’t have Copilot activated, the key will act as a quick access to Windows Search .