Not just AI, Google is also thinking about Gmail: double news arrives for the Android app. Everything you need to know.

Those who only think about Artificial Intelligence are half right. Google certainly has an eye on its AI, it is aware that it is ahead of its competitors but it cannot leave its inbox behind: Gmail, the most used in the world on all devices.

Google for Gmail, double news for the Android app – Sjbeez

So, while Bard – Google’s bot – becomes Advanced, Gmail is expanded with a double, ultra-convenient functionality available to the Android application. Two features, until now, kept hidden by the Mountain View giant, but can already be activated, for the moment only via specific flags.

But according to the many previews that suddenly came out, they suggest that the first (double) innovation of 2024 regarding Gmail is well on its way to being released: the possibility that they can both be introduced in the next few weeks is quite high.

Google, here is Manage Subscriptions and more privacy in power with Report illegal content

The double indiscretion comes from a credible source, the GApps Flags & Leaks Telegram page, which has often seen its indiscretions rhyme, shortly thereafter, with real previews. So the anticipation grows, because Google would be working on two new features for the Gmail and Android apps.

Gmail, better management of subscriptions and privacy – Sjbeez

The first is Manage Subscriptions and aims at a new management of subscriptions. It is located in the side menu in the Gmail side menu, a feature which, once activated, will open a loading screen (which can already be glimpsed according to the leaker) where the different ways of managing newsletter subscriptions will be inserted. A sort of “centralized platform” is foreseeable for viewing and canceling any subscriptions.

The second concerns privacy, implemented by the addition of a new option to the menu, via the three dots inside an email where it should appear report illegal content, right below report as spam. The new option should allow users to access a page to report content that violates the law, although in the future this could evolve into something more complex than a web page, probably with a form to fill out.

At least according to the rumors. Both of these features should be available in Gmail version 2023.12.31.597022975. They have not yet been announced by Google, but the fact that they can be activated, even if only via specific flags, suggests that we are there. Almost.