From today it is possible to abandon the traditional television, thanks to a new, much cheaper and high-performance technology.

The television is undoubtedly one of the most used devices in history, at the moment in Italy there are in fact around 43 million TVs. It is therefore a very ancient technology, its origins date back to 1928-1934, precisely in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union. What is most surprising is the fact that the first televisions were actually radios with a built-in television device. In particular, they were characterized by a neon tube and a rotating mechanical disk.

The device that replaces the TV – Sjbeez

Over the decades, technology has obviously produced almost science fiction TVs, some of which are even equipped with an internet connection. A company has also created a new type of television, which does not include the traditional screen.

The revolutionary low cost television

Modern smart TVs undoubtedly possess technology unmatched in history, thanks to which millions of people can interact with their device. However, some Italians would like to replace the traditional TV with a video projector, especially to get a giant cinema-style screen. This idea would also allow you to avoid shelling out tons of money for a large television.

Do you want a huge screen for little money? Here is the solution – Sjbeez

So what do the experts say? First of all, before starting to replace the device, it is necessary to know in detail the structures and the environment in which the device will be placed. In fact, there are many problems that can arise, some of which concern the lighting and the size of the room.

And not only that: the wiring, volume and size of the wall on which to project the light beam should also be calculated. As for the lighting, this is completely different from that produced by the traditional television. The latter generates direct light, while the video projector simply projects a beam of light onto a wall or cloth.

This means that our eyes observe a reflection, rather than a light wave emitted directly from a screen. In other words, the user should expect different performance, since these are two completely different technologies.

Another factor not to be underestimated is the size of the room: those who have limited space should opt for a large TV. On the contrary, those who have a very large area could purchase a video projector with an almost cinematic curtain. In this case it is necessary to evaluate the distance that will separate the projector from the wall.

For example, a 100-inch screen should be spaced 4-5 meters apart. According to experts, a quality video projector would certainly surpass current smart TVs, especially because they guarantee an almost cinematic experience. However, to achieve such a result we would have to spend a lot of money.