If you dream of having a gaming Mac in your hands, then there is excellent news for you. Apple’s intentions look straight to the future.

Many people in recent years have decided to rely on Apple when it comes to the IT sector. iMacs and MacBooks have always represented a certainty, thanks to the increasingly advanced and interconnected operating system and the latest generation technical specifications designed by the Cupertino OEM.

Apple also wants gamers: working on a gaming Mac

If for some categories of consumers the Mac is the most suitable choice, there are others that are completely left out. Like gamers for example, considering that to date Apple devices are unable to run even the oldest video games in sufficient quality. But things could change soon! If your dream is to have a gaming Mac in your hands, Apple has exactly what you need.

Gaming Mac: here are Apple’s future plans

If everything is confirmed, in the future let’s prepare for the launch of gaming Macs that want to put a spoke in the wheels of Windows consoles and PCs. A real challenge, which was also confirmed by Apple’s Mac product marketing manager Gordon Keppel during a recent interview for Inverse magazine.

Apple’s future plans related to gaming Macs

According to his words, we are already thinking of being able to play with the Mac series computers thanks to the success of the so-called Apple Silicones. That is, the latest generation processors that have replaced Intel and offer very satisfactory performance. Also thanks to the SoC which is very similar to that offered by next-gen consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series

And it cannot be ruled out that in the next few months or years Macs could transform into ready-made gaming consoles. Again according to Keppel’s words, already today with Apple Silicon processors it is possible to run triple A titles without problems and hitches. And if we focus on the latest M3, ray tracing is also supported.

There is a big one though, namely the strategy of the software houses. Which up to now have decided to focus more on Windows and not optimize the experience for those who have a computer with MacOS. In this sense, Apple is trying to incentivize market growth. Both with the Game Porting Toolkit and with the reduced commissions for the distribution of new titles via the Mac App Store. We’ll see if it will be enough for Apple to enter this sector with a straight leg too.