Apple fans are always ready for the next model but the Apple company has no intention of pleasing them this time. You’ll have to wait.

As with any major player in the tech world, all Apple does seems to be pumping out one new model after another.

An Apple device will not receive updates in 2024 – Sjbeez

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPads, new MacBooks or smaller but equally intelligent accessories, the Apple company gives the impression of coming out with something new at a constant pace. But this steady pace will slow down in some cases. As reported by Bloomberg, in fact, there is one device in particular that will not receive any new version before 2025.

And the reason is very simple: before seeing the updated model there will have to be sufficient purchases of the model currently in circulation. It is therefore a backlog problem, something that video game players know very well but that perhaps the Apple company is now experiencing for the first time. How will the fans take it?

No Apple devices if stocks don’t run out

The new iPhones and new MacBooks are selling like hot cakes. Sales are constant and sustained. Looking to 2023, for example, 97.7 million iPhones were shipped and sold in the first two quarters while for MacBooks we are talking about 4.1 million units. Regardless of what these numbers may mean, they are still enormous figures for the general public. And these figures are joined by the AirTags sold so far, a figure exceeding 50 million pieces.

Do you want the new AirTags? Buy the ones Apple has in stock! – Sjbeez

For a small object like AirTags (small, intelligent and high-performance, although not without problems) this is a number that could entice Apple to come out with the second model. And in June two years ago it seemed that the company was ready with the new version. Model which should therefore have been released this year.

But Bloomberg experts are instead convinced that stocks of the first generation of AirTags are still too full to convince the company to come out with an updated model. There is therefore no rush to update these small devices. Also because, continues the Bloomberg experts’ reasoning, in reality the current generation of Apple trackers works very well and has everything users could want from this type of product.

Model two, when it arrives, will be in line with the updates seen in the new iPhones and new Apple watches. The ones we will find in stores for a while longer will therefore be the first generation AirTags with the updated model arriving in mid-2025.

Ming-Chi Quo, one of the most famous analysts regarding Apple products, also partially confirms this reasoning. Kuo had said he was convinced that Apple would bring the AirTag 2 to the market this year but more recently he backtracked, speaking instead of mid-2025.