Do you know what the real distance to keep between the sofa and the TV is? Everyone gets it wrong! Get the right one or you will have health problems.

The living room is one of the rooms in your home where you spend a lot of time during your day, a bit like the bathroom and kitchen. While in these two we find ourselves carrying out ‘active’ actions (cooking in the kitchen, applying make-up and combing our hair in the bathroom), in the living room we try in every way to relax. We lie down on our comfortable sofa, at the end of the day, to read a good book, listen to music or watch TV.

The perfect distance between the sofa and the TV to avoid damage to your health (

In this regard, do you know what distance you need to keep between the sofa and the TV? Many don’t know this and tend to make mistakes, thus creating real health problems. Let’s see together, then, how to calculate the right one.

Sofa-TV distance: here’s what it should be

There is no living room that doesn’t have a TV. With the advent of technology, every year (or sometimes even every 3-6 months) different types of televisions tend to appear on the market, with wonderful updates and above all with a truly clear vision: brightness and unique colours, which will seem to be right with them in that particular place. This is why, the older you get, the more important the purchase of such a tech object becomes.

The perfect calculation for the distance between the TV and the sofa (

But we often make the mistake of buying a very large TV to watch at a close distance. All of this, obviously, does nothing but cause extensive damage to one’s eyesight and beyond. So, what should be the right distance to avoid causing damage to your health itself? Let’s see it together.

It becomes important to reflect on various factors: the size of the TV, the height of the TV, the brightness of the room and the viewing angle. That said, taking all these factors into account, the distance can then be calculated. If you wish, when you buy a particular television, you can also ask the person selling it for information, they will certainly be able to help you or simply read the instruction booklet which perfectly explains everything you need to know.

In any case, the distances should be as follows, obviously taking into account the above factors:

50 inches: distance of approximately 2 meters (this taking into account that you should sit at a distance of 1.5 times the size of the screen diagonally, after sitting on your sofa)55 inches: distance of approximately 2.5 meters

The ideal solution would be to use distance calculation. Then multiply the screen size by 1.5, you will get a value in inches. To convert it you will need to multiply it by 2.54. The result will be the distance you will have to use.