Want to avoid turning off Power Saver on your iPhone? Do this and you won’t have to take it off – it’s easy.

If our cell phone runs out of battery very quickly it is important to use energy saving. This is a rather interesting function and one that allows each device to last longer. Some applications consume a lot of energy in fact, but there is no need to worry about it with this feature. The problem is that after a certain battery percentage is exceeded, energy saving is automatically deactivated.

How you can avoid turning off energy saving on your iPhone

We’re talking about 80% for most iPhones. The device does not consider its active necessary, so it removes it by default. This feature is present in almost all cell phones. Although it can be helpful in some ways, for many of us it is truly annoying. It would be time to figure out how to manage it. But how can you prevent energy saving from being deactivated? Read on to find out.

Energy saver that turns itself off – do this and it will never happen again.

To prevent energy saving from being deactivated we must use the Apple Commands. Let’s start by creating an Automation, then open the appropriate application. At this point let’s move towards the panel to look for “Energy saving mode”, and then deselect the “is activated” option. Then select “is deactivated”. Then continue by tapping on “Add action” and look for “Set energy saving mode”.

Do this to avoid deactivating energy saving on your mobile phone

Finally, make sure the "Enable" option is blue and selected. Then tap on “Next” and remember to deactivate the switch next to “Ask before activating” (here you must press “Don’t ask”). By doing this you will no longer have to worry about deactivation. energy savings will always remain available. Anyone who has dreamed of having this function active at all times of the day will now be able to really feel at ease.

Our advice remains to keep energy saving active when needed. It usually starts to matter below 50%. Above that threshold the device will not discharge so easily. Over time the battery could fail: you need to be careful and protect your battery in all possible ways. We also remember how important it is to keep your iPhone’s charge in a range between 20% and 80%, in which the terminal struggles less.