Has your PC started making strange noises? Here’s when you should worry and what it could depend on.

Each of us has a PC in our home. The latter can be of two types: portable, easy, small and above all capable of being transported to any place you want, or fixed, which instead remains stationary in a room and can only be used in that specific place. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but both are perfect to keep around.

Which PC noises to pay attention to (Computer-idea.it)

But have you ever realized that they often make strange noises? Some of them are really very annoying! Let’s see together, then, when there is a need to worry and what they could depend on and see how to resolve them.

PC noises: here’s when to worry

PC noise, very often, could be normal, unlike what you might think. There are noises that are ‘necessary’ for the PC to function correctly and noises that really worry the user. On the other hand, in general and for any appliance or tech object the following applies: the slightest noise can announce the end of everything.

How to recognize the severity of PC noise (Computer-idea.it)

So, what are these noises? How should we manage them and above all when should we worry about them? The noises in question, which are usually heard, are:

Fan noise on: This is considered by many to be ‘white noise’ so much so that it is ‘silent’ most of the time. When we feel it, even stronger and ‘annoying’, we don’t have to worry in any way, because it is completely normal. It helps us understand that there is actually no problem with the PC, that everything is working normally and that it is just cooling down after being used for a whole day.

Creaks and pops: When we talk about this type of noise, we realize that it is not very easy to identify. The latter is one of the most dangerous present in the PC and it is that noise that tends to completely ruin our hardware, because it hits the hard disk, the memory, which is a fundamental element of the computer. The first thing to do is to immediately perform a backup, in order to restore all the data before losing them and then go to assistance to find a solution.

Other various noises: other ‘important’ noises could be, for example, the origin of high-pitched sounds which tends to warn us that it is a problem with the power supply. In this case, if it is fixed, you need to turn it off and wait for it to cool down and then turn it back on and figure out the problem. If it is portable, go to support and try to resolve the problem in question.