These are the fastest mobile networks in Italy. So you can be sure that your connection will never crash again.

Whether at home with Wi-Fi or away from home with mobile networks, it is essential to always have a good internet connection to be able to carry out all the necessary operations. For work, for leisure or for playing online: enjoying sufficiently high-performance download and upload speeds has become the prerogative of millions of people.

Here is the best internet network in Italy –

Despite these premises, even today in Italy there are many families who complain about continuous problems of coverage and stability. If your connection also freezes often and you no longer know what to do, it may be time to change operator. These are the fastest mobile networks overall according to the latest findings from Ookla. This way you will be sure that you are relying on the best provider.

Here are the fastest mobile networks in Italy: data provided by Ookla

Like every year, even in recent days Ookla has published updated data regarding the speed and stability of the internet connection provided by telephone operators in Italy. There are some confirmations but there is no shortage of surprises. To get to the complete picture, the company relied on the numbers collected with the SpeedTests of the users themselves throughout the territory.

Fastweb stands out among the fastest mobile networks in Italy

Fastweb takes the scepter as the best mobile operator in our country for the third time in a row. Which was able to record an average value of 100.10 Mbps in download and 12.34 Mbps in upload. The score achieved is 93.56, by far the highest in all of Italy.

A success that was guaranteed above all by the enormous efforts made to expand 5G coverage. With cutting-edge infrastructures that allow us to provide increasingly advanced and quality services. To date, Fastweb’s 5G covers over 70% of the Italian population, a figure that is destined to rise further.

A recognition on which the CEO of the company Walter Renna also wanted to focus. Who underlined the solidity of the company strategy adopted in recent years, which focuses entirely on targeted investments in infrastructure. With a higher quality level than the competition which directly leads to an increase in customers. If you are still undecided, Fastweb could be the right provider to rely on.