Those looking for a new speaker for their living room would do well to keep an eye on this innovative device.

Technology has entered our homes for several years now, influencing many of the accessories and furnishing objects that enliven the rooms in which we live. However, if until a few years ago consumers generally appreciated living rooms full of futuristic-looking devices, today there is a clear opposite trend: technological accessories are often viewed with suspicion by design lovers.

What the new Samsung Music Frame does – photo via Samsung

To respond to this need, many companies have begun to increasingly combine innovation with a taste for aesthetics and design, creating products that blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. Among the most active companies in this area is Samsung, which in recent years has launched a line of accessories that apparently look like paintings, but which soon turn into cutting-edge technological devices.

Samsung combines innovation and design to make our homes modern and fascinating

It all started when Samsung revealed its "The Frame" television, a device that when turned off looks like a full-fledged painting, complete with an elegant wooden frame, but when turned on transforms into a high-resolution television . The experiment was definitely appreciated by users, so the company decided to continue along this line.

All information on the new Samsung Music Frame – photo via Samsung

Recently the Korean company presented the “Music Frame”, a framework which is actually a high quality speaker and which can be used both independently and in combination with other Samsung devices. This 13-inch by 13-inch frame holds a total of six speakers within its discreet design.

Unlike "The Frame" TV, the design of the "Music Frame" is completely analogue: instead of a screen displaying digital works of art, this device simply displays the photo or painting that the user decides to put on his internal at the time of purchase (but which can still be changed later).

The Music Frame supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, meaning it can be synced with your various existing Samsung SmartThings gadgets or simply paired with your phone to listen to some music. The device will also be compatible with Samsung’s Q-Symphony ecosystem (which plays audio from both soundbar and TV speakers), offering an additional audio source for an increasingly immersive viewing experience.