Do you have an old smartphone that is old for you but may be good for others? Before making a gift and giving it as a gift, make sure it is clean.

The idea that your smartphone can no longer work for anyone is a mistake. Because maybe you need something faster, with more performance, with more memory or a better camera but you might know someone who would be more than happy to use your old smartphone, because it would mean a step forward for him or her compared to to what he has.

If you change your smartphone, delete everything from the old one (Sjbeez)

But since it’s a smartphone that doesn’t come out of the box new, what you need to do first is make sure that the device is ready for its new owner or owner. A good practice in this regard is to make sure you have erased all your traces from the machine.

Not only by disconnecting the Google account but by closely examining the entire device. Because over the years, a bit like what happens with dust, your old smartphone may have accumulated data about you in places you don’t even know exists.

How to restore an old smartphone to new condition

Removing everything that belongs to you from a smartphone that you no longer intend to use is a good practice for many different situations. If you intend to give your old device to someone or if you intend to resell it online, the first thing to do is eliminate all traces of your presence. But this same procedure is convenient even if you are on the other side.

Give your iPhone as a gift but reset it first! (Sjbeez)

For example, if you find an almost new device online at a bargain price when you actually take possession of it, you should perform a complete reset to make sure that the previous owner’s data is not mixed with yours. Obviously the reset procedure should only be done if you intend to entrust the device to someone else to use it for you.

But how do you perform the reset? For Android devices you will have to go to the system settings and open the section concerning the recovery options. Among the various options, choose the one that deletes all data and which with some operating systems derived from Android can be called Factory data reset. What happens does not change: everything on your mobile phone that concerns you will be deleted from the device’s internal memory, including photos, any music, apps and app-related settings.

However, if your old smartphone is an iPhone you will have to open the general settings and look for the Transfer or initialize iPhone item. You don’t need the Reset item, what you need is Erase contents and settings. As happens with Android, the iPhone system at this point tells you everything that will be deleted from the device: apps, Apple account information, wallet and Find My Device protection.