Many users are unaware that there is a very convenient mobile operator that offers great performance in terms of browsing speed.

Today we all have a smartphone and we can’t help but use it every day; to do this, you necessarily need to activate a subscription with a telephone operator, and in Italy we have several well-known companies.

Among many, a mobile operator offers low rates and high browsing performance –

However, it is not always convenient to change operator, because there are so many rates and offers that it is easy to get confused. And then, let’s face it, the price differences between one and the other are often negligible and among other things some operators behave in a less than transparent manner, changing the contractual conditions unilaterally.

Which telephone operator is currently the cheapest? The answer will surprise you

There is certainly no shortage of offers in the mobile telephony sector, and let’s not forget that the advent of 5G is tempting for both operators and end customers.

5G mobile phones and the new network are of great interest to the market –

Customers who want to navigate quickly, be able to use their smartphone both at work and for leisure, and who dedicate less and less time to phone calls, preferring to send text messages or emails. The monthly costs of the various operators often vary, and sometimes the offers cannot be activated. But some analyzes have made it possible to identify a very competitive mobile operator, which offers not only an advantageous monthly rate but also excellent browsing speed.

We are talking about Fastweb, therefore an already known name with a consolidated reputation, and not some company that adopts “aggressive” policies to enter the market. Fastweb today offers average download speed levels of 100 Mbps. Compared to the average of 61.41 Mbps for all operators. So much so that it was awarded the title of Italy’s Speedtest Awards Winner for the third consecutive time.

Fastweb has invested above all in infrastructure, which is why it has reached such levels. And the great thing is that at the moment you can sign up for a very interesting and advantageous subscription, which for 7.95 euros per month offers:

150 GB, also in 5G Unlimited minutes to national landlines and mobiles 100 SMS Free SIM shipping Cost for SIM contribution of 10 euros extra.

For lovers of environmental sustainability, we would like to remind you that the Fastweb SIM is made from 100% recycled materials, and that Internet browsing carried out with the operator has zero CO2 emissions, due to compensation policies. Finally, Fastweb is investing 1 million euros in various projects “concerning the climate, the redevelopment of urban territories for the absorption of Co2, the health of the seas and biodiversity”.