Are you looking for a low-cost gaming PC? AMD launches a new economical processor: it has a very powerful video card.

Gaming PCs are increasingly an important reality in the tech sector but often marked by prices that are unapproachable for many people. This time, however, things could be different thanks to the new AMD processor which promises to have an incredibly powerful video card inside.

AMD allows you to buy a low-cost gaming PC – AMD Facebook logo photo – ()

Buying a gaming computer at a low price is not at all easy but AMD seems to be working hard to give users all over the world a device of this type. Benchmarks relating to the new Ryzen 5 8600G, one of the AMD APUs ready to make their entrance on the scene in 2024, recently appeared on Geekbench.

The data relating to the new AMD component refers to integrated graphics, in particular to the OpenCL and Vulkan tests. Let’s go into detail to find out in which direction the work of the multinational semiconductor manufacturer is moving.

New AMD processor: the data bodes well for a low cost solution

On board the APU there will be an integrated Radeon 760M graphics card, a mid-range solution that can reach a frequency of 2.8 GHz, it also has 512 Stream Processors and 8 Computer Units. The processor in the test configuration was paired with 32 GB of DDR5-6000 RAM.

The new AMD processor due out in 2024 – Facebook photo: AMD – ()

In the OpenCL benchmark phase the APU reached 24,842 points, in the Vulkan one it reached 30,770 points. The results were defined by the experts as good, given the integrated graphics mentioned, but not exceptional. They are slightly better than those obtained from a GTX 1060, the NVIDIA GPU marketed about 7 years ago.

In the mobile sector, the Radeon 760M of the Ryzen 5 8600G surpasses the solution of the same name, but remains behind the Radeon 780M card (12 CU and 768 Stream Processor). The latter remains more performing despite the integrated APU having higher power limits.

It should be underlined that what has appeared online is only the result of a test and should lead to caution regarding conclusions. To get a definitive picture we need to wait for real tests in video games, only in this way will we be able to understand what this GPU is capable of. The card will be mounted on a PC that does not have incredible performance but will be able to offer an important gaming experience. Of course, triple A games can be played but as long as the settings are set to make the most of this very immature hardware.