Be careful if you use the unlock password on your iPhone, because you could be in serious danger. That’s why you need to delete it right away.

All latest generation iPhones feature increasingly advanced security systems. Apple has focused on this a lot in recent years, with both hardware and software updates aimed at providing maximum data protection for consumers. But there are aspects to which particular attention must be paid, one in particular.

Be careful with your iPhone unlock password, it’s dangerous

According to a recent study, in fact, the iPhone unlock password may not be as secure as one might imagine. If you also usually unlock your phone by entering the classic four numbers, we advise you to delete it immediately because you run enormous risks in the event of theft. Here’s an alternative way to protect access to the iPhone’s home screen, so you’ll always be safer.

Unlock Password on iPhone: Here’s Why You Should Delete It Now

It may seem incredible to you, but according to some recent research, the 4-digit iPhone unlock password could be more dangerous than you always thought. This is due to some values ​​that make personal data vulnerable to possible attacks in the event of theft of the phone itself.

Here’s how to delete or change your iPhone unlock password

The reason is very simple: 4 digits are too few. A thief could potentially breach your security system just by making a few attempts or knowing some information from which you could draw inspiration for the code. Such as the date of birth.

This is why we recommend that you go to Settings, Face ID and Passcode and then Change Password. After entering the current 4-digit code, you will need to activate the Personalized alphanumeric code option. That is, a much more protected password, which will be made up of letters, numbers and special characters. With a length ranging from six to ten characters in total.

And if you want to be even more secure, and above all take less time to unlock, activate Face ID or Touch ID immediately. So that, depending on your iPhone model, you can use your fingerprint or face scan to have the unlocked phone in your hands. Nothing could be simpler, this way you will always be sure that you can protect your personal information and that you will not run risks related to the possible theft of your phone.