The “incognito” mode present on Google Chrome does not allow users to secure their privacy: here’s the reason.

The topic of online privacy is still much discussed today due to the many functions that recover user data. For this reason, Google Chrome’s “incognito” mode is used, but using this function does not allow you to secure sensitive information.

You are not safe if you use "incognito" mode – ()

Google recently updated the way Chrome describes its "incognito" browsing activity, offering more information to users who use it. The change came after the American giant agreed to resolve a legal dispute in which it was accused of illegally tracking navigation even after activating the mode.

User data would therefore have been spied on despite the activation of this hidden window. Now, however, it seems that Google has updated the text that appears when users use incognito browsing: here’s what has changed.

Google updates the “incognito” mode: it does not suspend data tracking

The Mountain View giant recently updated the text that appears on its browser when users rely on the “incognito” mode. The change was spotted in the latest Canary version of Chrome and gives users more details about private browsing.

Google has changed the text of "incognito" navigation – ()

The warning underlines that others will not see the user’s activity, thus browsing in a more private way. However, this will not change how data is collected by the web portals you visit and the services you use, including Google. Your downloads, favorites, and reading list items will be saved. Therefore the user is simply notified that there are some slight changes, but still will not have the privacy that one would expect from this feature.

The change implemented by Google is important because it comes just weeks after it agreed to settle a lawsuit filed in 2020 against the company. In that year, the American giant had cited the initial notice to defend itself against the accusation, but the judge did not consider the argument valid and allowed the legal dispute to proceed.

The terms of the agreement have not been made public, but Google claims that with the new notice, users will be informed about the activity they will carry out and the resulting data tracking, and will therefore behave accordingly, knowingly.