Are you tired of using your finger to scroll through TikTok for hours? From today you can do it without hands: the ingenious little object on sale on Amazon.

Even now that 2024 has kicked off, there’s one aspect that’s remained virtually identical to last year: TikTok’s dominance. The ByteDance platform remains the most appreciated and used social network by far, despite Threads’ attempt to take over and Instagram’s still very positive data.

Spending hours on TikTok without your finger on the screen? From today you can

The Chinese company has now ‘set’ a standard that has entered the habits and customs of the average consumer, and will remain so for a long time to come. If you also spend many hours of your day on TikTok, at some point you might get tired of having to keep your finger glued to the screen. Maybe because you are lying on your side in bed, or you are taking a relaxing bath in the tub. What if we told you that from today you can do everything without hands? All you need to do is buy this brilliant little object on Amazon.

TikTok without the finger: buy this little object now on Amazon

Until today it may have seemed like a utopia, but in reality there is a secret trick that gives you the way to scroll on TikTok without having to use your finger to go up and down in the For You section. On Amazon, the presence of a handy little object that works via Bluetooth and will do everything for you has been reported, you can finally spend hours on the Chinese social network without your finger getting tired.

This little object from Amazon lets you use TikTok without your finger ( screenshot)

Launched by the Sunity brand, this product is nothing more than a remote control that connects via Bluetooth to the phone and works just as if it were a finger. With the up and down button to scroll on the home page, and some intelligent controls. For example, double click to like or activate pause and so on. Together with the remote control, you will also be sent a charging case that guarantees 14 hours of battery life.

And it is perfectly compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, simply by accessing the dedicated Bluetooth section and making sure you have set up Assistive Touch from iOS. If you are interested, you can purchase it by going to the online shop. The cost is only 22.99 euros, a deal not to be missed.