If you have your hands full and don’t know how to answer the phone, now there is an alternative and very useful solution.

Who has never had an urgent need to use their phone to answer but have both hands full? This is a rather common problem, which can arise on various occasions. Just think of when you are on public transport during rush hour and you don’t even have the space to raise an arm, or when you are in the tub or your hands are wet and it is better not to touch the touchscreen.

This project makes you answer the phone even with your hands full

In all these cases, how great would it be to be able to use another part of your body to comfortably answer the phone and control all the features you need? It may seem crazy, but starting today it’s possible to do it! Some innovative prototypes are being tested that will allow users to use their smartphone with… their tongue.

Answering the phone without hands: from today you can use your tongue

This is one of the most interesting innovations that were presented during the last CES 2024 which was held in Las Vegas. The most important tech fair in the world gave large companies and startups the opportunity to show their creations to the general public, and among these was the MouthPad demo.

Answering the phone with your tongue is now possible with MouthPad (screenshot)

Which, as you can imagine from the name, is a controller that allows you to use your phone using your mouth. Or rather, the language! As reported by The Verge, there is talk of a sort of smart mug to be able to control your phone and computer hands-free. A real gadget that will have sensors to be able to use the subtle movements of the tongue in order to exploit all devices that support a Bluetooth mouse as an input method.

Maybe you want to change destination with Google Maps but you have both hands on the wheel. How to do? Just aura MouthPad and that’s it, with your tongue nothing will be an obstacle anymore. The same goes if you are on the subway and don’t have the space to use your hands. You will certainly be a little strange, at least in the beginning. But who knows, in the future this convenient accessory may become a standard used by more and more people. There is no information yet regarding the cost and launch date on the market.