The next chapter in the Battlefield saga will take the gaming experience to new heights with an all-new feature from DICE.

Even if all eyes are on Call of Duty and above all on when and how the various chapters will arrive on Xbox through the Game Pass, we must not forget that CoD has a rival in its own territory.

Battlefield will make a lot of noise, DICE promises (photo youtube/EA) – Sjbeez

We’re talking about Battlefield. One of the most interesting features that we have always seen inside the product developed by the guys at DICE is the attention to the environment. Despite all the problems it has proven to have, Battlefield 2042 has also shown a clear desire to give players experiences in realistic yet extreme environments.

And while part of the original team has left to form another development team that’s shaking up online multiplayer with The Finals, the Battlefield development team isn’t done for yet. And to make things even bigger, by looking at the job offers against the light, the team is ready to make even more noise.

The next Battlefield will be a step forward for everyone

The product of the collaboration between DICE and Electronic Arts has long been consolidated. And now for the Canadian offices of DICE LA, which we must all learn to call Ripple Effect, there is a call for a VFX Director. The visual effects manager has a very important role in every gaming experience but when the video game makes destruction and weather its distinctive features it becomes a key role.

DICE wants to make Battlefield the next Crysis (photo youtube/EA) – Sjbeez

Among the tasks that will be entrusted to the chosen person is the creation of real-time visual effects with high-quality particles, textures and shadows. And for this reason among the skills there is the creation of “hyper-realistic in-game VFX”. The ambition that we read in the introduction to responsibilities and skills is to help “create the most exciting and realistic effects of destruction in the Industry”.

The difficulties in managing visual effects in real time with crowded games like Battlefield are evident. Battlefield is in fact a title that has long embraced the philosophy of the more the merrier and it will therefore become interesting to see how the real-time destruction effects can be managed with over 100 players simultaneously present on the same map and perhaps trying to knock down the same building.

The idea for managing all the particle effects, the explosions, the polygonal models that will shatter and collapse could come from those former DICE colleagues who decided to found their own new development studio with which they then gave life to The Finals. The project uses new technology but above all a new philosophy of managing workloads between server and client.

The destruction occurs on the server side and not on the client side. This leads to a synchronization of what all players see in the environment. DICE’s challenge will be to perhaps enlarge The Finals model to accommodate its 128 contemporary players.