Is it better to buy a Dell computer or a Mac? The difference between the two is notable, but only one is the absolute best to rely on.

Choosing which brand to trust when it comes to purchasing a new computer is never easy. This is because in recent years large companies have decided to focus on certain specifications, so that users can make a more informed choice based on their needs. And if Macs continue to be a point of reference for both the most and the least experienced, there is another company that is among the most appreciated: we are talking about Dell.

Dell or Mac computer, here’s which is the best

A brand that you will surely have already had the opportunity to get to know in the past years, like it or not. In fact, before the explosion of Apple devices, Dell was the reference brand for the IT sector. Just think about the performances in films, when there were scenes in which the actors had to use the PC. Almost always, the models chosen were Dells. And broadening the discussion to the technical and price point of view, the company has always represented an essential standard.

Dell vs Mac computers: here’s which is better to choose today

If you don’t have too much knowledge or don’t feel like assembling a computer from scratch, Apple’s Macs have for some years now been the reference standard for those who want to be sure of being able to use a device that lasts over the years and knows how to satisfy every type of need in terms of hardware and software. But this decision is not always the most correct one, because Dell computers could offer you this and much more at reduced costs.

Similarities and main differences between Macs and Dells

A “diatribe” that has reopened with the recent launch of the new Dell Inspiron 13 5931, a company PC that boasts an Intel Core i5-10210U CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of NVMe SSD. At a cost of only 619 euros, practically half the price compared to a mid-generation Mac. And the comparison with Apple’s MacBook Air immediately began, which have a very similar design and not too distant features. In fact, in some ways the Dells are even superior.

And they cost less, which is why you might think about relying on their devices rather than those of the Cupertino OEM. There are also many other very interesting variations that cannot be talked about enough. Like for example the Dell Or even the Dell XPS 13 Plus, at a price just over 1000 euros but with technical specifications even higher than mid-range MacBooks.