If you have to build a PC you also need this piece, if possible more than one. But waiting might leave you high and dry.

You’re planning to build a brand new PC and you’re making a list of all the parts you need, but if you want this particular component you’ll have to move because you might not find many of them anymore or you might not find them at reasonable prices anymore.

Your PC will be missing a piece if you don’t move now – Sjbeez

Technology moves forward, this is physiological, but in some cases it risks creating areas of users who are left without the possibility of choice. This is not yet a fact but judging by a series of data compiled by Trend Focus, the future of this component is already sealed. The pandemic period, from which the technology sector is only now actually recovering, has subjected everyone to a stress test for which some were not adequately prepared.

The lack of supplies combined with transport and logistics problems, if only because there was a lack of drivers in bed with Covid, generated a strange short circuit. A short circuit which apparently then turned into a stasis in the distribution of a particular piece used by PCs all over the world to varying degrees and with various functions. We are talking about hard drives. A technology that as we know it now could disappear.

A piece for PC that will become rare, indeed very rare

Your computer, if it belongs to one of the latest generations, most likely no longer has a traditional hard disk but a product of the new SSD technology, i.e. solid state disks. And perhaps the presence of an SSD forced you to shell out a little more than you would have imagined to actually have the same average performance.

This piece will disappear for all PCs, including Macs – Sjbeez

This is because SSDs, the evolution of traditional HDD hard disks, cost more (although it must be said that they can be more capacious and faster). But for those who don’t need too much speed and actually want low-cost capacity, hard disks with traditional HDD technology remain a possible choice.

But they won’t be for much longer. The forecasts made by Trend Focus speak of a slow exit from the consumer market of HDD manufacturers who will, for this sector, shift attention to SSDs without ceasing to produce traditional hard disks but selling them only in configurations useful to businesses and companies.

Something that could also happen with regards to GPUs: with artificial intelligence taking hold, companies would be tempted to shift more of their attention to the corporate sector, leaving consumers in the consumer sector to wait no longer from one generation to the next. ‘other to see obvious improvements but at least two.