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Today’s world has paved the way for countless jobs, many of them thanks to social media like Instagram or Tiktok. Therefore, equipping yourself with electronic devices that make your shots fantastic is among the first objectives of those who work or want to work in these fields.

Amazing footage – Sjbeez

The choice is fundamental, in fact by making the right one and choosing a device of excellent quality and efficiency we will already be halfway there. However, there are many possibilities and evaluating them is not at all a simple undertaking, but we are here to propose an unmissable offer for a high quality product.

Amazing shooting, no one expected this offer

One of the most used devices for this type of filming is the GoPro, a small camera now known throughout the world that offers truly fantastic results. All the company’s products are of excellent quality but above all small and space-saving so as to allow everyone simple and optimized transportation in the spaces.

Currently on the market at more than 40% discount we can find the GoPro Hero 9. This is slightly larger and heavier than the previous model, but for obvious reasons. First of all, the battery capacity has been made more powerful and reaches over 30% compared to Hero 8. This greater size is also due to the presence of a double color LCD display: the first is the classic one while the second, positioned frontally, is used to show shooting settings and the image captured by the camcorder. Both have excellent performance and offer great brightness even outdoors.

GoPro Hero 9 – Sjbeez

A novelty, which is not novel, is the reinstatement of the removal of the front lens and the possibility of replacing it with alternative lenses to create new effects and shots. The sensor has also undergone a major improvement in quality, going from 12 to 23.4 megapixels. This change has led to recording videos in 5K at 30 fps or photos at 20 megapixels with pretty good results. The HyperSmooth function has also been improved with version 3.0 which makes all shots even more fluid, eliminating most of the problems that arise on the move. Furthermore, the alignment of the horizon line has also been implemented which always keeps it central.

The general performance of this product has been maximized and improved more than one could have imagined, it performs better in color management, in the quality of recordings and photos and even in low light conditions. Finally, the software is similar to that of the previous models but with two significant innovations: Live Burst and HindSight. Both divide the frames and allow you to choose the best one by saving 1.5 seconds before and after the shot in the first case and before and after the video in the second, allowing you not to miss the best shot or the start of the action. GoPro Hero 9 now costs only 250 euros, click below so you don’t miss out on this super offer.

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