An incredible surprise has been released for all Marvel fans, it’s a real bombshell announcement: starting today you can receive it for free.

Marvel has managed to welcome fans from all over the world thanks to its many contents produced. From comics to films to video games, the giant has always managed to hit the mark by offering unique experiences. Also in this case he is the protagonist of a bomb announcement which represents a real gift for the fans.

Surprise for Marvel fans – Logo photo: Facebook Marvel – ()

The well-known company is at the center of many projects capable of expressing its dedication towards the reference sector every time. Since the early years the works created have made history and still today continue on that path that began way back in 1939 when it was called Timely Publication, a name later changed to Marvel in 1961. Marvel has also been able to carve out an important space for itself in the world of video games , and precisely in this sector an incredible surprise emerged.

Marvel to download for free: the gift lasts a few days

The video game sector increasingly benefits from surprises for the many gamers who populate it. This time it is Marvel that is donating one of its important titles to fans for free, a game with a list price of 59.99 euros. As we can see from this element alone, we can speak of an opportunity not to be missed.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has become free – Epic Game Store website photo – ()

The opportunity not to be missed is located on the Epic Games website and the title referred to is Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy, developed by Eidos-Montréal. In the video game we should play Star-Lord and the fate of the galaxy and the Guardians will be in our hands. Marvel single player will allow us to always be at the center of the action, without forgetting exploration and adventure.

This title combines an intense story, many characters to get to know and entertainment that should not be underestimated. Furthermore, the Epic page highlights the fact that Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy is also a title suitable for beginners, who can shape the gaming experience based on their gaming history and have fun like never before.

Receiving Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy for free represents an opportunity not to be missed, both for long-time fans and for enthusiasts who are approaching this universe. The game on the Epic Games website is available for free and will be until January 11, 2024 at 5pm.