This time Apple is giving away a real treat for all its iPhone users. Everything about the new function which represents big news.

It was released in mid-December, but not for everyone. Now finally the long-awaited update for the iPhone is finally available for all users who are fans of devices branded by the most famous bitten Apple in the world.

Apple, the big, long-awaited iPhone news has finally arrived – Sjbeez

iOS 17.2 is a very important update, which goes beyond the simplistic, as well as classic, update that fixes bugs. Obviously the iPhone 15 are the first to benefit from the big news, such as the translation option for the Action button, such as the possibility of spatial videos that the 3D Apple Vision Pro offers.

Like the focusing speed of the telephoto camera, improved with the acquisition of small distant objects on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. But with iOS 17.2 Apple has thought not only of owners of the last four iPhones released in September, the Apple-shaped ecosystem still has very valid smartphones: iPhone 12 (for a while yet), iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. It has thought of all iPhone owners.

What changes on iPhones: a function carried out for all users. It’s immediately hyped

Change the experience for messages: The recovery arrow allows you to easily jump to the first unread message in a conversation, just tap the arrow visible in the top right corner. There is the Add Sticker option in the context menu, it allows you to add a sticker directly to a bubble.

iPhone, Journal is the big news of iOS 17.2 – photo source – Sjbeez

The Memoji updates also include the ability to adjust the body shape of any Memoji. Contact Key Verification provides automatic alerts and contact verification codes to verify that people facing extraordinary digital threats are only sending messages to the people they intend to reach.

But the biggest news is called Journal. And many have given positive feedback. The Diary App is enjoying great success: it allows you to write about the small moments and big events of a user’s daily life, in order to increase their self-esteem but above all to improve their well-being. Journaling prompts make it easy to memorize daily life experiences.

And then the filters, thanks to which you can quickly find the entries added to your bookmarks, but also the attached vowels that you can listen to again to reflect on the key moments of your life. Scheduled notifications also help you maintain a consistent journaling practice by reminding you to write on the days and times you want. A completely personal diary, in short, obviously 2.0.