Does your phone need service but you want to protect your data? Activate this function and everything will be safe.

Having to take your mobile phone for assistance can be a more or less inconvenience. Especially if you don’t know how long any operation the device will have to undergo will take to get it working again. For example, if the glass fell and broke, you will have to wait until the piece is replaced.

Maintenance mode is your added protection! – Sjbeez

It’s a different matter if you notice that there is something wrong but you can’t understand if there is some app that isn’t working well or if you haven’t by chance fallen victim to malware. In any case the phone must go to service.

But being entrusted to the technician, however serious and responsible he may be, means that the smartphone is not in your custody and also means that, involuntarily, the technician could enter your address book, look at your photos, read your private messages. To avoid this unnecessary interference in your privacy there is a trick you must use.

What you need to do before taking your phone in for service

If you need your phone to be taken in for service you need to make sure everything is safe. If you have a Samsung device and the operating system version is at least UI 5, you have Maintenance mode available. Before moving on to see where it is located, we tell you that it works not only on phones but also on tablets with the same version of the operating system.

Telephone assistance? This mode ensures total privacy – Sjbeez

Your Samsung Galaxy, therefore, as well as your Samsung Tab can be carried and pampered by assistance in total safety. As explained on the official Samsung website, this mode hides personal data and other sensitive information such as photos, videos and contacts. The guide on what to do before taking the device in for assistance and therefore before activating Maintenance mode is interesting.

In fact, Samsung recommends first creating a backup of everything important and making sure you have at least 500 MB of free space. Another preliminary step is to activate a lock screen. You are now ready to activate Maintenance mode. You can find the item within the Settings by scrolling into the section dedicated to the battery.

At the bottom you will find what you need. Activation of Maintenance mode can then be easily deactivated. After your device is back in your hands and is fully functional, all you have to do is carry out the same procedure again. Open Settings and choose the item dedicated to battery and device care.

Tap the item dedicated to Maintenance mode and you will be shown a large button with Exit written on it. To reset Maintenance mode and therefore be able to use your smartphone again, you will then have to tap the Restart button and enter the credentials you used on the lock screen . In the event that the resolution of the device problem has resulted in a reset, you can easily recover everything through the backup.