Are you thinking of giving a smartphone to your teenage son? You absolutely need to do this first.

As parents we are always afraid of constantly making mistakes, of not doing the right thing, of realizing too late that we have made unforgivable mistakes that we would then have to deal with. On the one hand we would like to protect them from all the evil in the world, which is undoubtedly a lot, on the other hand we would not like to keep them chained forever under our glass bell.

Does your child want a smartphone? You need to know this –

This is why regulating yourself is so difficult! And how do we behave, therefore, when the time comes to give a smartphone to our teenage son who requests it? All his friends have it, he doesn’t want to feel excluded, he’s been asking us for too long now and we no longer know how to say no or postpone the decision.

We have finally decided to take this big step and give a real smartphone to our very happy teenage son who can’t wait to open all the social networks and join the “grown-ups” club. A decision that you will surely have made intelligently and safely, but you must not make a mistake: do this thing before giving it to him as a gift.

Smartphone to your teenage son: you can’t give it to him if you haven’t done this

Having a smartphone is not only a way for our very young children to enter the grown-up club and demonstrate to all their friends that they are fashionable, it is also a practical and useful maneuver for us parents to feel more relaxed. On the other hand, adolescence is the period in which they begin to go out with friends, perhaps even in the evening and it is right that they have a way to contact us and to feel safer. And the same thing goes for anxious parents who stay at home looking at their cell phones and the time.

Does your child want a smartphone? You need to know this –

But in order for you to guarantee them real safety, you absolutely must do this thing to make sure that you are not the one putting them in danger with this certainly welcome gift. There are many options you can adopt to, for example, limit some explicit content by applying the Family Filters now present on all the main social networks and applications.

You can also block the use of in-app purchases, something that happens more and more frequently with children and teenagers who, due to their inability to understand the value of money – or simply by mistake – spend exorbitant amounts, sending their parents broke. Secure your children and family in an intelligent way.