Assembling a PC is an adventure but cables are a jungle. MSI with Project Zero has decided to make our lives a little easier.

When you embrace the philosophy of not buying a computer as it is but dedicating yourself to assembling a PC, there are many choices that must be made. Choices that go beyond the more purely technical aspect and that shift attention to the field of aesthetics.

MSI Project ZERO, the elegant cards from MSI (photo MSI) – Sjbeez

Just take a look on social media or put a few keywords on Amazon to see how many desktop PC cases have long since stopped looking like small gray or black columns and have instead welcomed, in addition to colour, plastic or transparent glass. A bit like certain animals of the deep where the skin is transparent and the organs can be seen, with these cases you can see the heart of the PC beating perhaps accompanied by some dancing of colored LEDs.

But since it is something that in theory you shouldn’t see, there is often a forest of cables that go from the motherboard to the other components and back. MSI’s new Project ZERO has decided to make the assembly much cleaner and more linear for all those who appreciate a tidier panorama. You will probably still need the zip ties but almost no one will notice.

MSI Project ZERO, a PC assembly that is beautiful to look at

Very recently MSI made headlines for the presentation of its declared rival portable console from Steamdeck and Asus ROG. The Chinese giant is one of the reference names when it comes to devices designed for the most aggressive gaming. The new Project ZERO, composed of a series of motherboards, is going to excite those gamers who appreciate a well-assembled computer and who don’t like the tangle that is necessarily created with component cables.

The new Back Connect cases for MSI P0 cards (MSI photo) – Sjbeez

The new chassis for MSI Project ZERO mothers are perhaps Columbus’s egg: all the connections are in fact moved to the rear which means that what you then see is tidy and clean. On the front, the installation areas for CPU, DRAM and SSD have been maintained: the eye wants its part but you can’t play at being a contortionist. All other connectors have been moved to the back which helps to better organize the assembly work.

An important note that must be made concerns the compatibility of these new Project ZERO motherboards. To be able to use them it is necessary to combine a Back Connect chassis and a solution could be the one offered by MSI with the M 100 series. A product available in black and white with Reverse Blade fans and tempered glass to show everyone the inside of the PC.

On the official MSI website, in addition to all the specifications of the new motherboards with Back Connect technology and compatible chassis, there is also reference to a project called Maestro 700 L, of which no image is provided: a limited edition that will become available in the future .