Italian Apple users will have to wait until 2025 to be able to purchase a long-awaited product: no one expected it.

The Cupertino company is one of the giants in the tech sector capable of conquering all technology lovers with its important products. The wait for each Apple device is always very high but this time Italian users are asked to wait until 2025 to be able to accept a certain product.

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Apple has always focused on its many projects but in 2023 the company has mainly focused on headsets. During the official presentation of Vision Pro, Apple announced that the device would arrive on the market in the first weeks of 2024. This announcement was accompanied by rumors that spoke of alleged delays in the launch, although they were all denied.

Great interest has arisen around Apple Vision Pro following the promised experience. Apparently the launch of the device could arrive soon but not all over the world, with Italian users thus being forced to wait further.

Apple Vision Pro launch soon: here’s when it arrives in Italy

The beginning of 2024 for Apple could be very significant following the probable launch of Vision Pro. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who spoke about the planning of training courses for employees who Apple Stores will sell this product. According to the journalist, the configuration of the headset requires specific training, as well as adapting it to the heads of potential buyers and demonstrating its capabilities.

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The courses should start in mid-January and will last two days. Various rumors have highlighted the arrival of Apple Vision Pro on the market for the month of March, but according to Bloomberg’s insider the American giant seems to be speeding up the time to get the headset into stores from January 27, 2024.

Initially it will be possible to purchase Apple Vision Pro only in the United States. After arriving on the American market, the device will also reach other areas of the world. The XR headset is expected to debut in the UK and Canada in late 2024, while it will almost certainly arrive in 2025 for the rest of the world. At the moment, therefore, Italian users interested in the Apple viewer will have to wait a long time before they can finally welcome and use it.