V for revenge, Apple launches the challenge to Microsoft: the new Macs will undermine Windows’ leadership in the gaming world.

The year was 1999. A visionary Steve Jobs went on stage at the Macworld Expo in New York and announced a video game that only his brilliant mind could create, thinking that in the new millennium it would become simply iconic.

Apple wants gamers on Mac: revenge on Microsoft is ready

Obviously it was like this, at least in part: that game would influence the entire world of a nascent world of new generation gaming. Yes, because Steve Jobs’ shooter was called Halo: Combat Evolved, developed by Bungie, which would become a pioneer for Mac games.

History changed, then. But not for Apple. Microsoft bought the game developer a year later, winning the title for the launch of the original Xbox in 2001. The big snub apparently hasn’t been forgotten by the Cupertino giant.

Apple, tit for tat to Microsoft: the strategy to take everything back with interest

V for Vendetta. This could be an ad hoc title for Apple’s strategy, which decided over twenty years later to take over the Windows monopoly in gaming. As? With a range of Mac hardware that can compete with some of the best PCs (gaming-specific or otherwise). With a further improvement in the area of ​​silicon. Which is pushing Apple towards even better performance, which points to more gaming-focused software optimizations. for developers and users.

Apple, new processors and silicon to compete in the world of gaming – Sjbeez

Apple is lining up its team for the super challenge to Microsoft, with powerful weapons and numerous reloads. "We have specific features for Mac that you don’t find on all other systems such as our displays, our speaker systems", thunders Gordon Keppel, marketing manager for Mac products, in an excerpt from a recent interview with Inverse".

Apple, therefore, decided to give back to Microsoft, developing the latest generation Mac towards that world, in memory of that premonition of Steve Jobs. The transition from Intel to Apple Silicon processors is the starting point, a crucial element for increasing the performance of Macs, offering a notable increase in power and better resource management: less latency, more performance, the desire of every gamer who respect.

"Every Mac that ships with Apple Silicon can run AAA games better than ever before. The chip was revolutionary for our line of computers." So Gordon Keppel combines the M1, M2 and now M3 processors, the latter a lock to open the doors of that world, which would have belonged to Apple for some time, and which now sees an absolute monopoly of Microsoft. At least until now. Tomorrow who knows…