Apple was forced to give in to some major EU decisions, but it wants to do everything it can to maintain the integrity of its iOS.

A period of great changes lies ahead for Apple. The company was forced to make several substantial changes to its services after receiving pressure from the European Union, which wanted to force it to comply with the directives of its Digital Markets Acts (DMA).

Apple presents its users with significant changes to its ecosystem – Sjbeez

Among the various aspects involved is that of app stores and third-party payment systems, which after this historic decision will arrive on Apple devices for the first time. The company, however, has no intention of making things easy for those who want to bypass its Apple Store and Apple Pay.

To comply with European competition rules, Apple must necessarily allow its users to install app stores and payment systems alternative to those offered by Apple itself. Until now, in fact, apps could only be downloaded from the App Store and payments made only with Apple Pay. Now things will change, but the company has already announced that those who decide to use alternative services could face various difficulties.

Apple doesn’t want to give up the security of its system to encourage competition

Among the announcements that have caused users and online commentators to discuss the most, there is one that concerns refunds. Apple recently informed its users that it will not provide refunds or support for applications downloaded outside of its App Store. So-called "sideloading" on iOS, therefore, may not be so convenient, despite being long-awaited by many users.

The innovations introduced by Apple may not make some types of users happy – Sjbeez

In addition to this, the Cupertino-based company has clarified that, although apps downloaded outside the App Store may offer alternative payment methods to Apple’s official ones, this choice will lead to some limitations. In particular, Apple will not be able to process refunds or offer support for issues, scams or fraud related to these applications.

To help users make informed decisions, Apple will introduce in-app labels and notifications that indicate when an app offers alternative payment methods. At the same time, Apple announced an advanced application review program, aimed at ensuring that information on payment methods offered by developers is accurate and transparent.