The future of Apple users will be much more similar to Android users. The Apple company could be forced to change.

What actually differentiates users who decide to purchase an Apple product from those who switch to Android devices? If your answer is that Apple smartphones are more powerful, reliable and simply much more beautiful than many Android devices, you are looking at the question from the wrong point of view.

Apple and Android united by a new feature? A photo that is causing discussion – Sjbeez

Also because there are now many Android devices that are equivalent in terms of performance to the more expensive and renowned Apple products. It is therefore not a question of performance. And it is not on this aspect that the attention of all the experts in the world of technology is focusing.

A message appeared on the social network belonging to Elon Musk accompanied by a photo which could mark a truly epochal transition for the company now directed by Tim Cook. When the change that the photo suggests will actually happen is yet to be understood but the conditions are all there.

Apple and Android may be a lot closer than you think

Tests have recently been carried out which have shown how, for example if you want something with a superior camera you can buy a Google Pixel 8 Pro while if what you are looking for is a complete experience Apple’s great rival, Samsung, with its Galaxy S23 has created what many define as the anti-iPhone par excellence.

This photo is making the rounds on the web: Apple in a corner? (photo X/Margrethe Vestager) – Sjbeez

However, soon something may happen for Apple users that Android users take for granted: having third-party apps. Margrethe Vestager, executive vice-president of the European Commission with antitrust responsibility, recently had her photograph taken with Tim Cook and published the photo of her on the profile of her social network that we once called Twitter.

In the text accompanying the photo in which two people shake hands while smiling, Vestager underlined that the meeting with Cook revolved around two specific topics: the still open question of competitiveness which concerns, for example, Apple Music and then forcing Apple to submit to the DMA regulation or the Digital Market Act which should transform into the obligation to open the distribution of apps, so we also read in the message, from stores other than the official AppStore.

Apple has always been against the idea of ​​opening its AppStore to others and even among users there are conflicting ideas. Just read the comments on the message that appeared on they state how opening up to third parties would help improve the competition of what is currently available.