It took us a while to wait, but the new Apple update has finally arrived and it will leave you speechless: you will no longer have the fear of theft.

A good breath of fresh air was needed for a giant that struggled in the last half of 2023 and also in the beginning of 2024, with that headset that failed to sell out on the day of its launch, despite the few units available.

Apple, iPhone and the new update – Sjbeez

Small things, for goodness sake, but when it comes to an Apple device, expectations are always very high, and lately the Cupertino giant hasn’t shone its own light: no iPad in 2023, generative Artificial Intelligence not entirely ready , the troubles of non-performing iPhone 15s, at least at birth.

Finally the long-awaited news has arrived. Apple fans have been waiting for the 17.3 update of the iPhone operating system for a long time: collaborative music playlists and a series of new wallpapers, but also the return to viewing and creating wishlists in the Apple TV and iTunes Store apps, removed in the ‘previous update. But the big news that everyone was waiting for was something else.

Apple increases security: iPhone theft will no longer be a problem

A new function arrives that should have been released at the end of 2023, but it doesn’t matter, better late than never: it will implement an additional level of security for devices, requiring biometric authentication via Face ID or Touch ID, without the opportunity to use of an access code that may be easily obtainable.

iPad and iPhone, go with two-factor authentication – photo source: – Sjbeez

By activating “Protection for stolen devices” is enabled, our iPhones are practically armored as there are additional security requirements, requirements which, Cupertino assures, contribute to preventing anyone who has someone else’s iPhone in their hands from knowing yours. code and make critical changes to your account.

Biometric authentication via Face ID or Touch ID will be used, without any alternative, to access stored passwords and credit cards. The security delay, however, prolongs the possibility, for example, of changing the Apple ID password by an hour, with the obligation, after the 60 minutes have expired, to still perform a second authentication, with Face or Touch ID.

To activate the new “Protection for stolen devices” function, you must first have installed iOS 17.3 (automatically or manually), then use two-factor authentication for the Apple ID and configure a device code, following this path: Settings, "Face ID and code", enter your code and activate the function.