From update to update: Apple ready to release iOS 17.3 for iPhones. All the previews on the update.

The strength (but also its dark side) of Apple is here: the ability to release many updates for its devices, which on the one hand highlights the painstaking work of the Cupertino giant, on the other shows a few too many errors and the attempt to fix the various issues, with another system update imminent.

iOS becomes a problem for iPhone: new update expected

This was the case with iOS 17, which has created problems since its release, requiring continuous updates. Ok, the many functions that have improved the experience on the iPhone, but mainly the updates to Apple’s operating system have been released to make up for serious shortcomings.

Excessive overheating of the terminals, sudden shutdowns at night, last but not least battery problems (short life) and connectivity to network providers exploded with the many reports from users on Reddit. Here are further reasons for the release of another system update.

Apple, iOS 17.3: from double touch to playlists, passing through Stolen Device Protection

iOS 17.3 is already in its first beta version. It’s too early to say whether it’s a minor or major update, but it’s certainly born with the idea of ​​solving problems and, on the occasion, releasing new and intriguing features. In the first case, Apple has withdrawn the latest version of iOS 17.3 beta 2 because it seems that iPhones with the Back Tap function set and enabled remain stuck in the bootloop.

Apple, waiting for iOS 17.3 – Sjbeez

It doesn’t matter if you’ve set up double touch (which should be the big news) the feature will always bootloop your device. This issue once again proves that beta software is quite unstable and can easily cause problems for your mobile phone. For this reason we must tread carefully. But it’s not all bad, let’s be clear: expectations for iOS 17.3 are still very high.

Stolen Device Protection is expected, a series of layers of protection in iOS that will make it more difficult for offenders to change essential security settings on the iPhone, in the name of biometric authentication. Not only. Among the new features, collaborative playlists are coming to Apple Music.

Which will allow more people to edit public Apple Music playlists, hoping that this time we get to the final version: the ill-fated iOS 17.3 beta 2, in fact, also featured collaborative playlists, indicating that these are doing well. But they still weren’t up to Apple’s standards.